• May 08, 2023 Editorial

    Every moment, every area of life is full of colors. Therefore, at every moment, your mind is stimulated by the messages these colors convey to you, influencing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors without you realizing it. It is not a coincidence that the color of the clouds before the downpour drags you into gloom or that a beautiful view of nature refreshes you. And this is a fact that goes back to Hippocrates, who associated colors with behavioral patterns.

    power of colors
  • May 08, 2023 Editorial

    - What should I wear today? - I have nothing to wear! - Do these glasses suit me? - This shirt is hardly appropriate for a meeting! - You can't go there in this outfit! - I found the perfect shoe for the occasion! - If I want to impress her, I must wear this! - This one looks great on me! - You can't go to a date with this t-shirt! - If you go to school in these socks, everyone will look at you! - I can't talk to anyone. I better wear a hat so no one can see me.

    psychology of clothing
  • May 08, 2023 Editorial

    The concept of Capsule Wardrobe was first used by Susie Faux, who ran a boutique named Wordrobe in London in the 1970s. American designer Donna Karan brought popularity to the concept of the Capsule Wardrobe. Karan made this trend meet with the masses with the “7 Easy Pieces” collection he designed for business women.

    capsule wardrobe
  • May 08, 2023 Editorial

    Epengle: A type of Riga silk fabric whose threads seem to be wound on a needle. Jersey: It is a silk or wool knit fabric with a flexible texture. Tapestry: It is a patterned, compact knit, densely woven fabric in which the motif is created by using colored yarn in the warp, weft or sher both.

    fabric guide
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