What is capsule wardrobe and how is it created?

capsule wardrobe


The concept of Capsule Wardrobe was first used by Susie Faux, who ran a boutique named Wordrobe in London in the 1970s. American designer Donna Karan brought popularity to the concept of the Capsule Wardrobe. Karan made this trend meet with the masses with the “7 Easy Pieces” collection he designed for business women.

Capsule wardrobe expresses the creation of a simple wardrobe consisting of basic pieces that can be combined with each other. The purpose of these wardrobes, which contains a maximum of 50 pieces of clothing, ideally 30 pieces of clothing, is to add the power of simplicity to our lives.

Benefits of Capsule Wardrobe

During the day, we are exposed to many external factors that make us mentally tired. Crowds, traffic, noise, environmental pollution, thousands of decisions we have to take during the day are just a few of them. Just starting the day, thinking about what to wear in front of the wardrobe can take all our energy away from the very beginning. The capsule wardrobe is a concept that emerged precisely for this reason. The capsule wardrobe, prepared in a certain style and logic, makes your life easier. You will get rid of stress, make more comfortable and better choices, look stylish and save your time. Not only in the selection stage, but also in the time and effort you spend for the care of your clothes, such as washing and ironing.

Another important benefit of the capsule wardrobe is its contribution to sustainability. When you create a capsule wardrobe that is concise, of high quality, that can be worn for many years and that can be combined with each other, you will also support sustainability. You protect both the environment and your family budget.

Minimalist life, getting rid of the excess in our lives, feeds our souls. The peace, the feeling of freedom and the happiness that simplicity brings support your mental well-being. Think about it, what would it be like to get rid of the need to constantly shop and get away from the stress of following the discount days and campaigns? How does it liberate you to live a simple life, to dress the way you want, not just to make others admire you? When you use all that time and budget to improve yourself, discover new places, and acquire new hobbies, even you will not believe the change you will experience in your life.


Make a list of must-have items for the season. Coats, pants, t-shirts, dresses, shirts, shorts, etc. Determine what you need in your daily life, in the business environment.
Choose high-quality, wearable for many years, timeless and outdated, wearable under all conditions and other combinable pieces.

Avoid overly colored clothing. But don't just make a single color cabinet. Choose from basic colors that are compatible with each other, simple and wearable in any environment. You can choose one or two main colors that you like and add a few complementary colors.

If you have a style that suits you, you can choose all the pieces from that style. For this, think about what kind of clothes you feel comfortable wearing. However, if you don't want to be bored by wearing the same things all the time, you can choose pieces that you can combine with different style products. For example, you can wear a shirt dress with sports trousers and a basic t-shirt, or you can use it as a classic dress with an elegant accessory.

Choose clothes that fit your body type. Avoid clothes that are too small or too big for you.

Eliminate directly from your closet your clothes that you have not worn for 1 year, that are torn, worn, discolored, stained, that you cannot wear comfortably in any environment, and that you do not feel well in them.

You can use accessories to complete your style. You can also add accessories that are compatible with your clothes to your closet.

Be patient. If you can't create your dream capsule wardrobe the first time, don't give up. We are sure that after a few tries, you will find your ideal wardrobe that reveals your own style. We hope the energy of minimalist life will make your light shine even more…

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May 08, 2023
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