What are the Features and Benefits of Natural Crystals?

features and benefits of natural crystals

What are the Features and Benefits of Natural Crystals?

Natural crystals, which have been used as an alternative medicine tool throughout history, are known as a source of healing due to the minerals they contain. While natural crystals help to complete the missing minerals that our body needs, the energy they emit balances the chakras, protects our mental health, absorbs negative energies and radiates positive energy.

Natural crystals, which have many benefits on the human body both physically and spiritually, are used in many areas from architecture to jewelry. We also transform natural crystals into unique shirts and dresses at Marble&Co. We use our minimalist designs to heal people by strengthening them with the energy of natural crystals.

Everything we wear directly affects our mood, attitudes and self-confidence. In the Marble&Co natural stone collection, we bring together the highest quality natural fabrics with natural crystals and transform them into unique designs with hand workmanship.

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Natural Crystals We Selected in the Marble&Co Collection and Their Benefits


Agate (Agate) 

Agate is believed to harmonize the body, mind and spirit by balancing it. It clears negative energy in the body. It reduces inner anger and tension, creates a sense of security and safety. It helps develop mental function, concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It has many colors.

Blue Agate Benefits and Properties
Ability to express oneself comfortably
rest the soul
Strengthening communication
emotional healing
With its soft energy, it calms and soothes us. It gives peace to our mind. It activates and heals our throat chakra, which allows free expression of thoughts and feelings. It fights our mental stress problem and gives a sense of peace.



Purple colored amethyst, one of the most well-known quartz crystals, is one of the strongest and most protective natural crystals known.

Amethyst Benefits and Properties
Provides protection against psychic attacks.
Protects against stress. It helps in peace and calm.
It removes anger, fear, anxiety.
It is a source of physical, mental and spiritual healing.
It has a positive effect on memory and motivation.
It cures insomnia.

It has powerful healing and cleansing properties. It increases our spiritual awareness. It encourages us to implement our decisions. It is good for insomnia. It strengthens our intuition while eliminating our feelings of anger, grudge, fear and anxiety. It is a very important stone that strengthens our immune system.


Crystal Quartz 
It is preferred to be used in meditation and yoga sessions.

Crystal Quartz Benefits and Properties
He is a healer.
It provides an increase in concentration.
Useful for balancing, clearing or activating the chakras.
Also known as the stone of power, you can strengthen any of your intentions or energies with this stone.

It is one of the most powerful healing and energy-purifying crystals on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates our energy. It increases our concentration while providing all kinds of healing we need.



Obsidian is a very powerful protective stone. It creates a shield against all kinds of negativity that we may encounter in life.

Obsidian Stone Benefits and Properties
It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from the environment.
It removes mental stress and tension.
It heals the soul.
It provides mental clarity. It clears the confusion.
It helps you understand your true self.

Obsidian drives us to grow and supports us in doing so. It facilitates the healing of past traumas while healing the soul. It is a very powerful protection stone. It provides mental clarity while rejuvenating your energy.


Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is associated with love and happiness. It is especially recommended for those who have problems in bilateral relations.

Rose Quartz Benefits and Properties
It attracts and supports unconditional love.
It is strongly connected with compassion and unconditional love beyond love.
It is one of the most popular crystal healing tools.

It is the stone of unconditional love and peace. It is important for our heart and heart chakra. It purifies and opens the heart on all levels. It promotes self-love, calms and gives confidence. It turns all our negative energy into positive while attracting love to us.

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May 08, 2023
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