"Our clothes do not change our personality, but affect our mood. At Marble & Co, we highlight the healing power of clothing. We support you to reveal your own beauty and the light within you with our simple, stylish and elegant designs. 

We are here to make your life easier and give back the time you need for your ownself.  We offer simple, plain and stylish collections that you will not get lost among the designs. We relieve you from the daily stress of choosing clothes, and the worries of whether the clothes are suitable for the environment and fashion. We offer timeless clothing that are suitable for all kinds of combinations, day or night, sports or classic. With our basics that eliminate indecision, we bring the serenity, peace and time offered by minimalist lifestyle to your wardrobe. With our original collections that will be good for your soul and body, we liberate you and free you from imposed shapes.

We offer comfort with elegance. We create collections that will rise you with their texture and cut. We bring the energy of crystals to your skin with our “Healing Crystal” collection, in which real natural stones that we choose and stitch with care on to our desings. We care about your health, we do not include synthetics in our products. We use 100% natural cotton, silk organza, silk and antibacterial cotton that will be good for your skin. We produce high quality garments that you will wear for years.

"We offer simple, functional, natural, innovative, long-life clothing that the real you can shine through."



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