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Every moment, every area of life is full of colors. Therefore, at every moment, your mind is stimulated by the messages these colors convey to you, influencing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors without you realizing it. It is not a coincidence that the color of the clouds before the downpour drags you into gloom or that a beautiful view of nature refreshes you. And this is a fact that goes back to Hippocrates, who associated colors with behavioral patterns.

Kandinsky says; Color is a power that directly affects the soul. All colors stimulate the mind, and as a result of this stimulation, some emotions emerge. Consciously or unconsciously, when choosing what you want to wear, you choose colors to reach these feelings. However, these feelings are not always the ones running through you. In fact, these choices are mostly shaped by how you want the other person to feel. This is exactly why you think that wearing some colors in corporate life is a rule, you need to wear black to look thinner or more elegant, or you think that you should wear dull colors when you don't want to be the center of attention.

Each color has its own meaning and certain emotions that it creates in the brain by identifying with moods. In this way, they talk to you as much as they tell others about you. What does your reflection in the mirror tell you about yourself? What does your wardrobe tell you?

Go to your wardrobe and open the doors. Take a few steps back and look at it carefully, as if you were studying a painting. Or take a photo of your wardrobe and when you come across a photo from the past in the photo album, look at the photo in your hand, as you look at it carefully, in every detail, in order to remember what emotions it evokes in you. What catches your eye? Are there mostly plain colors, or is your courage to make room for patterns reflected in your wardrobe? Do you have eye-catching accessories or do you prefer simplicity?

The colors you choose to wear communicate with you; gives you a message. So, what do you think is the most dominant color in your wardrobe?

Blue: Calmness, contemplation, intuition and emotion.
White: Positivity, brightness and openness to innovation.
Brown: The ability to establish pleasant and intimate relationships, satisfaction.
Green: The desire for renewal, balance, revitalization; persistence, strength, emotional stability.
Grey: Independence, wisdom and emotional versatility.
Yellow: Joy, brightness and vitality.
Black: Strong will, conscious control and mystery.
Pink: Tenderness, delicacy, calmness.
Beige: Serenity, simplicity, elegance, formality, balance, spirituality, warmth.

Colors; It is an excellent therapy for getting out of the fuzzy areas, renewing yourself and expressing your emotions more freely. Maybe it's time to take off your "mental clothes" that you care about what others think? Remember, colors also tell yourself how you feel. Why not have a wardrobe that you tell about yourself and feel lighter and freer, or accessories that will open up this space for you?

Now go back to your wardrobe or take the photo again and look at it. What colors are missing in this wardrobe? you love; but is there a color you dare not wear? What colors are your inner voice telling you to include?

For balance and well-being; it is valuable to liberate your true self and let the clothes express themselves along with the emotional charge of their color. So, what does the color you lack tell you?

Blue: You want peace, comfortable relationships, sensitivity.
White: You want clarity, transparency, freedom.
Brown: You want friendly and comfortable environments.
Green: You want to affirm yourself, be reborn, be revived, be proud of your abilities, and feel that you exist.
Grey: You want to appear intelligent, independent, objective and impartial.
Yellow: You want to express your dreams of change, releasing both your accumulated energy and insights that will help you learn.
Black: You want strong will, emotional control, dominance, and absoluteness.
Beige: You do not want to attract attention, you invite simplicity.
Pink: You want calmness and harmony with the positive.


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May 08, 2023
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