“welcome to your ownself; welcome to your light.

Sheer, Pure and Beautiful, this is who you are”


10 years ago, I quit my architectural career and decided to follow my passion heading towards the fashion industry with the motto "One should do what he/she loves most in life". After working with elite stores and boutiques in Europe, the USA, and Kuwait creating exclusive collections each season; I founded MARBLE&CO with the desire to create my own brand. My love for stones and the magical shells of the sea was mostly influential in the establishment of MARBLE&CO. When I look back, I see that the story actually started in the small stony cove on the coast of Göcek, where we went every summer as a child.

During my childhood, we used to moor the boat in the bays of Gocek every summer where there was no one but a constant serenity and spent almost three months in this quiet nature. My playmate would be my grandmother, and my toys would be sea creatures, shells, and stones. I would search for the brightest and most beautiful stones dreaming fairytales and mysteries. In those deserted bays, the powerful world of stones and sea creatures would make me forget my loneliness and invite me into an endless love. Treasure-trove, voyage, gold and adventure what were these stones, shells, and nature for me; but they meant indeed much more; peace, happiness, joy, satisfaction, love and for one hearth and home. When I grew up, I never gave up on this love of stones and shells. I think marble material has also attracted me the most when I was working as an architect, just for this reason. Whenever I find a different, winking stone or a shining seashell, I feel again that warm peace, endless love, care, compassion and happiness; and my grandmother's irreplaceable and uniquely loving expression and precious smile. That feeling of returning home embraces my soul.

All these senses of warmth, peace, and security that I felt strongly, I wish all women to feel in their souls through the pieces I create with love. That was the definition of true happiness for me and I wish to share it, spread the joy to all people as much as i can. I founded MARBLE&CO to design clothes that would raise this feeling. MARBLE&CO is a comeback to the fairytale of sea shores and Stones and Shells, that precious peace and reliance, that warmest imagination. A voyage back to home. Light, joy, freedom. An endless beauty, pure and natural, yet so powerful.



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