MARBLE&CO was founded in 2014 by Rabia Turgay aiming to reveal the inner light of women and creating them a peaceful world with simplicity, elegance and quality. Rabia Turgay completed her academic education at Istanbul Technical University – Department of Architecture. With 10 years of experience in the design industry, she followed her stuides towards fashion and textile.

Speaking about her decisive move, she explains “ during my design journey, i had a dream which effected me deeply. In this dream there was a minimalist, peaceful and utopian world where everyone was working with all their energy to build a life where there was no harm, no badness, no wrong, and everyone was in white clothes, purely and simple. - This is why i chose to launch Marble&co. I came to a clear conclusion that our clothes should not overshadow our inner soul. I am not driven by the ongoing fashion industry and we design&produce clothing collections to brigten your inner soul combining simplicity with elegance. As Marble & Co studio, we transform natural cotton, silk ,tencel fabrics into minimalist, high quality, timeless designs. Our “ethically made” pieces can be used in both business and daily life, for your essential wardrobe needs. “

She owns the Marble Stone as her muse from her architect days; the symbol of elegance, beauty and uniquness. Drawing inspiration from architecture, interiors, colors, culture, landscape, human senses, emotions, music and art; she continues to form modern, elegant sophisticated essentials for women to let their shine through.


Since the beginning of their story, the brand produces long lasting fine clothing collections for women that combine simplicity and elegance with modern, effortlessly-ageless, confident timeless designs and high quality. The brand owns the idea strongly that instead of spending time to decide what to wear, we can use our time to brighten our inner light. They aim to make life easier with their basic essential collections where you will not get lost among the designs.

Through their fashion journey starting with a white shirt, each year besides the essential pieces; new whosale collections are launched. The marble printed shirts became one of their highlighted signatures in 2019. Then they launched the antibacterial cotton collection with the needs of new World conditions. In 2021, they started retail sales besides the wholesale market. In 2022, they introduced “Healing Crystals” collection, getting more closer to their dream of a healed good world.

Simplicity, confidence, quality, elegance and energy of each piece in Marble & Co collections celebrates women to reflect their inner light for many years.

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