In 2012, Marble&co is launched as a shirt brand in Istanbul Turkey.

Evolving out of the insight “Fashion borns from nature”; the brand chooses the

miraculous element marble as its inspirative muse.

As an organic and alive structure in its spirits; the marble forms itself from the direct crystalization of water and the accumulation of the sea creature’s shells; is a

miraculous proof of purity and existence.

Marble reveals itself in the tones of white and pearly transparent although while

generating, wears thousands of colours and visual forms under different effects and every each form owns a various healing influence also the power to appeal to

different senses and emotions.

Gaining such a strong, solid, captivating visual marvel from such a naive nature form; has led the brand desire to adapt this approach into the fashion industry and render the miracles more permanent and standing in people’s lives.

Marble&co shirts are manufactured targeting the highest quality to the most finest detail such as a laborious and delicate marble craftsmanship. Based on the Turkey’s global great reputation in marble industry; highlighting the Turkish

production quality, the endless rich resources and resuming the same ability and popularity also in the fashion/textile industry; played an important role in the naming of the brand.

The purpose of the brand is create miracles pure and flowing like water; gracious and elegant like crystal; vibrant and naive like sea shells,

While appealing to modern, sophisticated, passionate spirits; to be preferred by men/women who desires to be elegant and comfortable, enjoys the sense of simple and unique style, nourishes from the energy of self-love, balance, peace and

his/her own creation power.