“ welcome to your ownself; welcome to your light.

Sheer, Pure and Beautiful, this is who you are”

M A R B L E & C O; A shirt brand founded in 2014 based in Istanbul Turkey; And Our ultimate goal is to give light to life.

We are faced to a new world of chaos, negativity and obscurity, growing each day.

Everyday we re-define ourselves, and yet we drift apart slowly from our souls, inner voice, from who we are.

We are in between; feeling lost.

Our focus is on the outside, our perceptions catch only the temporal. Provocative objects, illusional lives, endless comparisons, non-satisfaction, the things we bond and the things we are kept dependent.

We are identified with the way we dress, where we eat, how we consume.

Everything is tangled, senses evanished.

We run away from mirrors, yet we are stuck infront of the mirrors. We feel unliked constantly, yet we struggle to be liked more insistently.

Minds are tired, bodies are artificial, abused. We are in all forms, except our own selves.

We stall ourselves around, just to avoid the real us. We are disconnected from our nature; in a race, running endlessly, forgot to how to breath.


And just becuase;

We are working to take the load off your shoulders. The pressure of worrying about our physical appearance, the anxiety of being accepted, the time we waste on what to wear or for whom to wear. And all the discomfort we handle to obey the society dressing codes and rules.

We give you back the time you deserve to be able to create your potential, your dreams, your duties. We are all here to create, to love, to bless, to work for the better versions of our precious universe.

The only duty that you are responsible by is;

Rise, Raise;

Shine, Spread the light.

Let’s brighten our world, our heart and home, our cosmos.

You are the only reality, here, in now. in an infinite freedom, with your own power.

Execute the real you, bless your existance, make peace with your stories.

Marble&co is a re-connection to your own. Conseding your being with all its beauty.

And re-creating the real you, the light of you, the soul of you..

We set you free from all the emotional and physical pressures, Bless your independence.

Welcome to your self.


We are the light workers, we aim to bring out the natural beauty in people and help them to create their highest potential. We are working for a brighter, more positive and productive world what can you do with all the spare time you have, when you dont need to worry about your physical appearance.

We make simple, natural, functional clothing so that the real you can shine through it.