We have created a collection of essentials. These ageless pieces do not conform to seasons and are available throughout years. We have organised our manufacturing suppliers to go along with our promise; so that even after 5 years you will be able to buy the same style as long as it fits your taste and soul. This permanent concept also supports our strength to stay more sustainable; as the materials will be in our stocks and will prevent us from the over consumption of the inconsistent seasons of fashion industry. Our wish is to create a wardrobe confidential, timeless, solid. A wardrobe that will not change during seasons. Your needs and trust are always our priority.


Fabrics are the core of design and manufacturing process. Leftover fabrics and items from previous collections, are the main loss and waste in fashion industry. Companies sturggle to consume these leftovers and yet they came up with a solution of recycling however even this process is not enough to prevent this waste of materials. And is not only a waste of solid piece but also a bigger waste of time, talent, workmanship. This is why we always search for a better long-lasting option and be careful about our sustainable procurement. We produce less, consume less but always keep the quality on focus. The materials we choose have major impact on our quality; so when we find a reliable material, we continue to work with that fiber and accessory for years and try to include them to all our future collections, This only needs extra effort in design but prevents us to cause waste that needs a recycle.


All our online-shop packaging is made in Turkey, to reduce freight emmissions and transportation costs and waste. Our labels, packages, all the paper materials we use on garnments; we choose carefully from recycled and kraft qualities and that are easy to recompose and nature compatble. We also design our packaging to be reusable and extend their life of usage fro our customers.


We have built a strong and trustworthy relationship with our suppliers throughout years. Our manufacturers are all based in Turkey. We give a big importance to whom we work with. Our values should go along with each other and we prefer to choose our production partners from our own roots. We strongly believe that this creates a stronger bond and communacition between and let us work wholeheartedly all together. We know the people behind the production, and we know and feel their needs. As our prodcution quantities are smaller, we have the chance to support also local and smaller atelier’s by dividing our manfacturing. We care the people we work with. We visit our manufacturers before working with them and also during the work in years; always to ensure that they are working in a healthy, clean, safe and ethical environment.


We test all our fabrics and materials before adding them to our productions. Our main focus is to remain the high quality that we promise to our customers. We always work to become our best versions, always moving forward. Creating ageless pieces and choosing responsibly sourced materials are our top prioritiy. Changing the way we work takes time because we wish to develop carefully and preciously. And our core priority is to always maintain the strong, trusthworthy, loyal relationship with our customers. To ensure that our styles last, we believe in giving our customers proper care instructions along with an extra button in case repair is needed to maintain the item its quality and durability. A comprehensive garment care guide with care advice is available at By designing modern and timeless styles made from high-quality materials, we believe that the item can be worn year after year. Our aim is to offer clothing that is responsibly made and we strive to increase the use of sustainable fabrics in every future collection.


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