“We catch a light, a detail, a soul from a place. Every place, every city, every country has its own energy and personality. When you pause your mind and just be in the moment, you can hear them talking to you, telling you their stories, feelings, senses” Here are some places taht MARBLE&CO connects and inspires.

Paris at night… The silence of lights behind all the tourists, movement and fling.

Gugenheim, NYC. is just like sent from above in a night. A breath of simplicity between the crowd of new york streets.

Details of living in Kas, Fethiye. Everything changes through the eyes. New perspectives, new meanings; we create the reality of our lives. Each corner can belong to anywhere as long as we keep dreaming.

Summer breeze to our souls in the South seas of Turkey; Kas Fethiye. We are limited inside of our rooms, but our souls can never be kept, prisoned. We own the world through our thoughts and dreams. We are free as far as our dreams are.

London, the city of rain and shadows. And suddenly a heaven of nature hidden inside this rush. The beauty of swans charms us hypnotically.

Caves, stones, earth in the depth grounds of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The gaia of earth, our formation. How mesmerizing the scales that are formed through years, centuries.. beyond our knowledge growing by itself, creating itself. And yet we think we own the World.

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