"The story of Marble & Co started with a dream of its founder, architect Rabia Turgay. In her dream, there was a minimalist, peaceful and utopian world where everyone worked in white clothes. Aiming her minimalist world dream come true, she started her fashion career by designing white shirts in 2014. While creating the brand she inspired from “Marble stone”. The elegance, royalty and uniqueness of each stone accompanied by durability and strength; reflects the spirit of Marble&Co. Marble is our muse, our woman; the strong, elegant unique woman of Marble&Co.

Since the beginning of our story, we have been producing long lasting fine clothing collections for women that combine simplicity and elegance with ultra timeless designs and high quality. We transform natural cotton, silk and silk organza fabrics into minimalist designs. We design “fairly made” clothes that can be used in both business and daily life during the day and the night. We believe that instead of spending time to decide what to wear, we can use our time to brighten our inner light. We are here to make life easier with our basic essential collections where you will not get lost among the designs. 

Through our fashion journey starting with a white shirt, each year new whosale collections are launched with the worldwide demands. Our marble printed shirts became iconic In 2020. Then we launched highly appreciated antibacterial cotton collection with the needs of new World conditions. In 2021, we started retail sales besides wholesale business. In 2022, we introduced “Healing Crystals” collection, getting more closer to make our dream true. The Real natural healing stones that we stitch with love on to our cloting in this collection; made a well-deserved reputation.

We believe minimalism, quality, elegance, energy and durability of each item in Marble & Co collections will support women to reflect their inner light for many years. We are very happy to be a light to each women on this journey while making our dreams come true.




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